Bazargah System

A market for providing inter-road goods transportation services

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The electronic transport market is a platform where interactions, negotiations and transactions between providers and applicants of goods road transport services are carried out over the Internet.


The electronic transport Bazargah is a platform where interactions, negotiations and transactions between providers and applicants of goods road transport services are carried out over the Internet. One of its most important advantages is ease of finding cargo for truckers, reduction of urban traffic, time management, easier and more accurate fleet control.


Transport electronic Bazargah is inter-organizational information systems that provide suitable economic grounds for the exchange of logistics services between truckers and goods transport customers on the web.


The electronic center has established this effective communication using web-based systems that connect shippers, cargo owners, and transportation companies. Through the electronic Bazargah, customers can easily use transportation services with trust, but what is the use of the market in the transportation and freight industry?

The task of this marketplace is to attract and develop transportation, including intra-city transportation, road and international transportation, and the formation of transit corridors by electronic marketplaces in the country and following a concept called the integration and organization of the country's transportation system.

Advantage of electronic Bazargah

The advantages of using this platform include increasing productivity, transparency of goods movement, faster access to cargo transportation capacity, using the Internet to expand activities in the country's markets, making things related to cargo transportation more efficient, and reducing urban traffic. , the integration of drivers in a unified system, the elimination of intermediaries and the reduction of transportation costs.

Also, direct and unmediated communication between cargo owners and drivers, access to a wide range of drivers, direct agreement between drivers and cargo owners regarding freight fares, calculation and proposal of fare rates based on the ton-per-kilometer formula, the possibility of using and setting up the drivers' queuing system For medium and large production complexes, real-time monitoring of the fleet with satellite tools by cargo owners, as well as other various facilities and services designed for drivers and cargo owners in the marketplace systems, are among the other advantages of using the electronic transportation Bazargah. .

Advantage of use for drivers

The values that can be produced by the Bazargah for drivers include speeding up the search for cargo that fits their fleet, reducing the traffic of a truckload, increasing revenue, and reducing time wasted in loading and unloading.

Advantage of use for product owners

On the other hand, using these marketplaces has also had countless benefits for customers. For example, a person who needs to use a truck can choose the desired truck in the electronic market, even considering the price of transportation, the customer has the right to choose. Also, reducing air pollution is one of the advantages of this platform.

The values that e-transportation businesses can usually provide to the goods owners include improving cargo security, reducing cargo transportation costs, improving the speed of loading and transportation, facilitating transactions, facilitating access to information, and operational value-added services. such as the exchange of electronic payment documents and....)

Advantage of using for the transport company

Other values that can be produced by marketplaces for transportation companies include improving the ability to monitor operations, providing fleets needed for projects faster, providing information on the performance and behavioral records of drivers and cargo owners, and also facilitating fare payments.

And in general, electronic marketplaces can, through the applications that they provide to users, by collecting data (GPS) and feedback from users at each stage, the possibility of monitoring the fleet on the way and at different stages, etc. provide

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The Bazargah outlook

Markets have been formed with the aim of transferring the traditional space of transporting goods to the modern and technological field in order to develop and increase the efficiency of the transport market. Check the authenticity of cargo from the cargo declaration point to the receipt of the goods and mechanize the cargo declaration to the remittance and bill of lading and its receipt and payment, increase the circulation level of the number of bills of lading for drivers. And finally, we must remember that the electronic market has played an effective role in the production of added value and the future of transportation is from those electronic markets.