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Large-scale transport company Adl Tarabaran Toos

  • Adl Tarabaran Toos transportation company officially started its activity on 06/21/2018 by registering in the Mashhad Companies Registration Office under registration number 24465.
  • However, the history of transportation activities of the board members and CEO of the company is not limited to the above date, and we are proud to be active in this field for more than half a century.
  • Currently, the company has a large-scale intelligent transportation license in the field of transportation of petroleum products and derivatives and other goods and has branches and representatives in different parts of the country.
  • In addition to carrying cargo and free oil cargoes under the contract number: N 9217, it is in charge of transporting the cargoes of the oil company.
  • This company is also responsible for the country's fuel stations through its subsidiary companies including international goods transportation and fuel supply and distribution company.

Board members and deputies

Adl Tarabaran Toos Company

Seyyed Karim Edalatian Hosseini

Founder of Edalatian Holding

Seyed Alireza Edalatian Hosseini

CEO and Chairman of the Board

Seyed Hassan Edalatian Hosseini

Deputy CEO and board member of directors

Seyed Mohammadreza Edalatian Hosseini

Legal deputy and board member

Seyed Mahdi Edalatian Hosseini

Deputy of Commerce and Board Member

Seyed Ali Edalatian Hosseini

Deputy of Goods and board member

Naser Ekhtesari

Deputy Of IT

Javad Mohebbi

Financial Deputy